Capturing 2018



This year's conference brilliantly showcased the significance and contributions of both well-known and new talented authors in today’s literary environment. Throughout the weekend I felt a tremendous surge of love and support by all those who worked feverishly to make this event a tremendous success! As for the online book club," The Tea", which presented a forum by the Black Foxes to openly discuss the literary work and life of Zora Neale Hurston, bravos are definitely in order! Judi Belle Raines   


The BARR event was delicious!!! The location was perfect. Please keep that location. The Tea added a special freshness and young adult perspective. I am 74 and love being around the "Young Gifted and Black." I can't say enough about Ms. McElroy. I appreciate her talent and humble spirit. Victoria and ReShonda were informative and entertaining. How can you top BARR 2018 Brenda Harriel


I had a fab time at the event.  Loved jazz night!  That was a great opener for the night.  Was happy with having more vending time.  Would be nice to go back to quick vendor intros so authors can briefly introduce themselves and their work.   Thanks  Eva Tremaine


This was one of the top three conferences I've attended in 20 years of writing.  The readers were attentive, writers were engaging and informative, the food was tremendous and everything ran on time.  Victor McGlothin


I wanted to say Thank you for that wonderful experience. I enjoyed the speakers and listening to all the knowledge I obtained just listening. Also, I was super nervous and completely out of my element (the house) but there were people who tried to make me feel comfortable and I appreciated that more than anything. Great vibes and being around great people does wonders! Thank you again! Peaceful Rose


It’s one of the most professionally run book events I’ve been to. Kudos to Sharon, her partners and volunteers. As a suggestion I would love to have been able to do a brief book reading so perhaps a couple of sessions where authors could read brief excerpts would be good.  Brother Dash